Unveiling digital disruption

The CODE_n16 CONTEST was focused on a digital hot topic in 2016: digital transformation is sure to keep businesses in all industries very busy in the coming years. To stay competitive, companies have to come up with and implement digital strategies and technologies – they have to be agile and disruptive. This does not only affect customer relations but also requires a change of culture – and bringing enormous opportunities for new businesses.

CONTEST Winner 2016


Xarion inspires with unique laser sensors and takes the CODE_n Award to Austria

The Vienna-based company leaves 385 competitors from 40 countries behind and secures the grand prize of € 30,000. The young company impressed the judges, both in terms of its business model and its unique technology – which offers the world’s first optical laser sensors that can detect sound by its ability to change the speed of light.

Xarion developed a unique optical laser sensor from one idea which is revolutionizing ultrasound imaging, process monitoring and testing technology. The laser physicists offering provides a wide range of applications: delighting benefiting clients in the mechanical and medical engineering, consumer electronics as well as in the aviation and supplier industries. The combination of a revenue-rich business model and visionary founder mentality tremendously impressed the jury.”

Meet the finalists

Applied FinTech powered by GFT

The Applied FinTechs category is about financial solutions based on new thinking and new technologies, brought together in a very smart way. It’s about the “real world” – not just an idea but a clearly defined and dedicated business case. This new approach either solves known challenges in a highly innovative way or lays a path to completely uncharted territories.


Connected Mobility specifies solutions that are going to be the future of transportation. Every day we interact with and initiate uncounted activities, either intentionally or unconsciously. Infinite amounts of data are now collectable and need to be analyzed and stored. What’s in this data? How can this data be used in the future? What role do humans play? How can we improve the user experience? What are some of the possible digital markets of the future? How can we create such digital markets?


While global players struggle to keep pace, young companies are growing and responding to the ongoing ‘consumerization’ of the HealthTech sector. New technologies have to be implemented to cut costs yet still improve quality. These will also help make processes more efficient and transparent, enabling organizations to react to privatization and globalization, and develop virtual value chains.
Sophisticated, available, and affordable products, services, and technologies are the way forward. It is these kinds of solutions that will set the pace.


Photonics 4.0 describes how light will transform our work and social lives in the future. Light enables new applications in our industry, society, and environment with technologies such as advanced laser systems, image processing, and optical sensors.
In smart and connected manufacturing, advanced photonics technologies make it possible to combine energy and data transfer, data processing, secure communication, and storage – in new and revolutionary ways. Light will not only help us to enjoy a safer and more convenient lifestyle. It will also give us a deeper understanding of the world around us, powered by optical screening and detection technology.

Top 50 Finalists 2016

Applied FinTech

Connected Mobility


Photonics 4.0

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