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What is the new.New Festival?
With the new.New Festival, CODE_n initiated a new event format that provides tangible evidence of the digital transformation in trending modern-day industries. Building on four successful years at CeBIT in Hanover and an independent innovation event in Karlsruhe, the thinking behind the event is to pull together new and time-proven elements. The international event celebrates innovation by bringing together everyone who is substantially passionate about tech and entrepreneurship – and embraces the chances of digital transformation. The global CODE_n CONTEST will remain a central component of the event.
What is the CODE_n18 CONTEST?
The CODE_n18 CONTEST is on the lookout for entrepreneurs with fresh, unconventional business concepts. Its aim is to identify and promote the most promising startups from around the world. The CONTEST takes place each year and is based on an issue of global importance. This year the CONTEST is focusing on the topic of ‘Intelligence X.0 – Artificial Intelligence for industry and humans’ in the categories machine intelligence, beyond reality and cryptographic trust. Learn more about the CONTEST on our website.
Where does the new.New Festival take place?
The innovation festival will be held at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle (Mercedesstraße 69, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany).
What are the opening hours of the new.New Festival?
The new.New Festival opens its doors from 9 a.m. The conference program will be held on all stages from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Some evenings will be topped off by special events.
Is the festival area handicapped-accessible?
The event site will be accessible for people with limited mobility. In addition, the festival staff will provide help whenever it is needed.
How do I get to Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle?
It is recommended to visit the event by public transport. The venue is well connected to the city. In addition, there are some parking facilities within walking distance. You will find all directions here:
Will there be filming and photographers in the festival area?
Photographs will be taken and film recordings will be made during the event. Speeches will be streamed live through various websites (e.g. CODE_n, its official partners, YouTube). By buying a ticket and entering the premises where the event will be held, the Participant agrees to the publication of digital media without fee or payment and without a requirement for the express agreement of the Participant. In the event that the Participant does not agree with any such publication of images or video material, he or she is kindly requested to inform CODE_n in advance by writing to
What kind of tickets can I purchase?
You can either buy Festival Passes or Day Passes. Festival Passes give you admission to the festival for the entire duration as well as to the CODE_n18 Award Show on October 9th. With a Day Pass, you can attend the festival on one day of your choice. If you have a Day Pass for October 9th, accessing the CODE_n18 Award Show is also included.
Which ticket is the right one for me?

This brief overview shall help you to choose the right ticket. Startups: You are the founder or a member of a young enterprise that is not older than 5 years? Choose the category “Startups” while buying your ticket. Students: You are currently enrolled in a university? Just choose the category “Students” and you will benefit from a discount especially for collegians. Please make sure to bring a valid student card with you on the day of the festival. Media: Do you plan to attend the festival as a media representative, a blogger or something similar? Please contact our Head of Marketing / Communications Lena Gaede ( The accreditation is done via email and afterwards you receive your ticket. Corporates & others: Are you going to participate as a representative of a company or do you not fit in any of the other categories? Then “Corporates & others” is the right option for you.

Whom can I contact if I have technical problems while booking my ticket?
For any technical problems while booking tickets please visit:
What is included in the new.New Festival ticket?
With the festival tickets, you will have access to all public areas within the event site. It also entitles you to attend the extensive conference program on the Main Stage, a variety of workshops and the three Side Stages. Furthermore, it gives you admission to the CODE_n Award Show on October, 9th, if you have a valid ticket for this day. Besides, all taxes and fees are included in the ticket price.
Is the local public transportation included in the ticket?
Information will follow soon.
Is the new.New Festival ticket refundable?
Unfortunately, the tickets for the festival are not refundable. However, you can transfer it to other persons.
Are the tickets for the new.New Festival transferable?
Yes, the new.New Festival tickets are transferable. To transfer the ticket, you have to process your order. Instructions can be found here: Eventbrite help center
I am interested in partnering with the event as a company, whom do I contact?
If your company is interested in taking part in the festival, please contact Timo Scheffler (
I want to attend the new.New Festival as a media representative, whom do I contact?
If you are a media representative, a blogger or something similar, please contact our Head of Marketing & Communications Lena Gaede ( The accreditation is done via email, afterwards you receive your ticket.
I am interested in speaking at the event, whom do I contact?
If you are a digital pioneer or an expert for one of the cluster themes, corporate innovation or general startup topics and interested in speaking at the event, please contact Leethicia Tomety ( or apply as speaker.
I am interested in volunteering at the event, whom do I contact?
If you are interested in volunteering at the event, please contact Max Gemmeke ( or apply as volunteer.

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