logicline and CODE_n present:


At the new.New festival and with the help of logicline we organize a Hackathon. Programmers, designers or IT-enthusiasts can participate to create innovative ideas and prototypes within 8 hours. A Hackathon nowadays can play a valuable role in accelerating the digital transformation. This is also the motto of the new.New festival. With our partner Daimler Financial Services AG we want you to get creative shaping the future of mobility services.

Who can join?

DESIGNERS: You have an eye for UX and talent for bringing the sexy? Bring it to live with your team!

INNOVATORS: You always ask „what if“, generate ideas and are ready to form a team and turn them into the deal?

DEVELOPERS: You’re ready to dive into 8 hours of coding to create an innovating app? Choose the challenge you want to work on and let the coding begin!

PRESENTERS: You’ve got crazy marketing and presenting skills and want to use them to clinch a win for your team? Take your chance!


What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons bring together people from various disciplines to solve a problem using different perspectives. During a Hackathon developers, programmers, UX & UI designers and other software fans are working together intensively and under time-pressure on real industry projects. The goal is to develop a usable software for a certain target group.
Speed and agility are core requirements nowadays and hackathons are a valuable tool to accelerate these organizational changes. Use the chance to get in touch with people from an established company and a startup!


Having successfully registered for the hackathon, you’ll be granted access to the new.New Festival during the whole three days!

The mobility profiling hackathon powered by Daimler Financial Services AG

Monday, October 8, 2018 8am – 6pm //  10pm Get together @BOA


Your smartphone offers several different sensors that can be used to determine and record mobility behavior and to predict future behavior based on previously visited points of interest. These data collections are usually called mobility profiles.
Your job? Come up with new innovative ideas using mobility profiles!


We support you with a phone-based SDK (https://www.anagog.com/jedai/) developed by the Israli Start-Up ANAGOG.


Some skilled mentors will be there for you on site if you have any questions. They’ll give you a short intro and guidance during the Hackathon so that you can focus on your idea.


Some of these technologies are new to you? You would like to prepare upfront? No problem: here are some useful links to support material:


Don’t forget to bring your laptop with all the software you need for development and presentations. And of course, a lot of fun and enthusiasm.


You have questions or are not familiar with all this stuff? No problem! We will give a short overview and introduction to these platform and technology on the 8th of October. You can raise all of your questions there.


Register now

Please let us know why you should be part of the hackathon.