Highlights 2018

Sophia the Robot

Visitors to the new.New Festival were able to meet a very special guest at this year’s event: Sophia the Robot, Hanson Robotics’ most advanced human-like robot, was be attending the opening of the three-day international tech event. The advanced humanoid robot participated in a panel discussion, interviewing a variety of festival partners, and fielding questions at a press conference.

Sophia's video shoutout

Top 50 startups live on stage

The Top 50 CODE_n CONTEST Finalists showcased their business concepts and cutting-edge technologies to an audience looking to catch the next wave of technological innovation at the festival. The dynamic startups and industry disruptors are creating a buzz in almost every industry and field of business.

Top 50 stagetime


From blockchain to VR and stunning business concepts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the Award Show gathered true gamechangers in Intelligence X.0. The CODE_n CONTEST winners were announced on Tuesday, October 9 during a spectacular live ceremony. The teams competed for the CODE_n Awards in “Best Business Model”, “Best Tech Innovation” “Industry Disruptor” and the “Overall Winner”.



Accelerating eSports with the first real gaming seat – a new original by RECARO. a Leading-edge, innovative experience and an adventure full of fun, strategy and performance with gaming related workshops and FIFA MATCHES in its new 2019 release. On Wednesday we’ve also had a special guest: Dr. Erhano – eSport professional at VfB Stuttgart who was challenged by the visitors in a „beat the pro“ match.

watch teaser video

Exhibition “Open Codes”

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe enriched the festival with four artworks and scientific works from its current exhibition “Open Codes“ that visualize and explain the complex dynamics of codes, and the way in which they are increasingly shaping the way we live and perceive the world. The artistic spectrum ranges from two chatbots talking in real time in different languages, to an industrial robot writing its own manifesto, to an interactive installation that transforms our mirror image into code, and the question of how autonomous systems can be conceived in order to take ethical questions into account.

Pioneers’ Dinner

A festival pillar since 2014, nowhere else will you find a hall packed with both suit and hoodie-wearers. An invite-only event, the Pioneers’ Dinner was held the day before the festival as a warmup. It’s the place where regional and international politicians, business executives, the event’s partner companies and of course the 50 startups all meet up and get the ball rolling.

Mindful meditation sessions

In the age of digital growth at the speed of light, we know the importance of practicing a lifestyle of mindfulness regardless of external circumstances. Mathias Feil, certified MBSR and mindfulness teacher, showed effective ways of dealing with daily challenges to develop a more conscious lifestyle.

Inspiration Journey

For senior executives or business leaders we offered a tailor-made conference experience to learn more about digital transformation.


  • October 8 or 9, starting at 9.15 am (5-6 hours)
  • Reserved seats at the Opening Ceremony with Sophia (Monday) or Top 10 Pitches (Tuesday)
  • Selected startup & corporate meetups
  • Ending with open discussion round

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