Besides a mind-blowing conference program there are various workshop formats for you to get involved! Please note that you need to have a valid festival ticket to take part in the workshops. Some of the formats also require an application in advance.



AI & Blockchain in the Real World (Told through the applications we’ve built)

OCTOBER 9, 2018 1PM – 2.30PM      APPLY NOW
“AI” and “blockchain” are two revolutionary technologies that most people have heard about, but few understand. Whether because of dense theory, technical proficiency, or information overload, it’s a challenge to really conceptualize the power of these technologies (individually and collectively). The goal of this workshop is to further your understanding of AI. blockchain, and Web 3.0 through real world projects I’ve helped build. We will review the use cases, architectures, and codebases of applications serving hundreds of thousands of users with a focus on AI and Blockchain. Everyone should be able to understand what is possible.

Realization of Deep Learning Use Cases

OCTOBER 9, 2018 1PM – 2.30PM      APPLY NOW
We will cover the general process of going from an use case to an usable implementation, including steps as data analysis, augmentation, preprocessing and model selection up until the final production ready usage. To get a better insight into the machine learning aspects, an introduction to Transfer Learning and audio analysis is given. Transfer Learning is a technique using networks that are pretrained on huge datasets with millions of images, which allows retraining on small datasets within minutes. Realizing use cases with such small data would not be possible with conventional approaches. Audio analysis will be an introduction to time series and wave frequency data analysis. Its methodologies can be transferred to other use cases as well. Finally, we will discuss several industrial use cases and how to realize them with the learned techniques. This will give participants the possibility to practice and apply their understanding of the structure of their next Deep Learning projects.

Industry 4.0 – Digitalized production control

OCTOBER 9, 2018 3PM – 4.30PM      APPLY NOW
This workshop consists of an interactive business game including the assembly of mBots (simple robots) according to different production principles, understanding the challenges of products with many variants and combining approaches from Lean Production and Industry 4.0.


Welcome to the digital jungle – Co-create your path to digital innovation!

OCTOBER 10, 2018 10AM – 12AM      APPLY NOW
In this workshop we will identify your personal digital frontier. Stories from behind will enable you to cross your line and help you to make a big step forward. Mika, entrepreneur and CEO of adventures innovation and strategy firm acitoflux, shares how open innovation – California’s way of mastering the future – could be exactly what your business needs to innovate, connect, and grow. Together we are going to share real world experiences from all innovation process phases and co-create individual solution for each of you. Doesn’t matter if you are working at medium size companies or corporates. Also representatives from cities and regions can enrich their understanding – what’s necessary to create a breeding ground for creators, sponsors and tech-lovers. Know why you would like to cross your digital frontier! Be curious and bring some problems you would like to share and get solved.

Future Room Method – Discover the future of your company

OCTOBER 10, 2018 10AM – 12AM      APPLY NOW
The Future Room is a method developed by the Zukunftsinstitut, which for the first time links systemic consulting with trend and future research. The aim of the method is to make the implicit mindset of a company visible and to bring it into line with external trend developments in the outside world.

Stop discussions and start executing like a startup

OCTOBER 10, 2018 1PM – 2.30PM      APPLY NOW
In this highly interactive session you’ll get to learn about the startup mindset towards product design and execute a lightning decision jam. Experience how startups prevent unnecessary discussions to quickly solve complex problems. Dive in and take this useful design sprint exercises with you to help solve your own internal problems.

Mastering the disruption challenge with corporate startups

OCTOBER 10, 2018 1PM – 2.30PM      APPLY NOW
Digitalization is one key driver for fast and radical changes that currently occur in nearly all industries. To succeed in these volatile environments, companies need to be capable in improving their core business efficiently, while simultaneously exploring radical innovation as a basis for future businesses. This poses a huge challenge to companies, since the management of those different activities requires diverging, sometimes even incompatible management approaches. To overcome this lack of experience, companies started experiments with startup-like structures within their organization as a means to explore more radical innovations. This workshop, which is based on newest research in the field of corporate entrepreneurship, will deliver practical implications and learnings from more than 90 interviews with innovation program leaders and venture manager from high-tech companies in Germany and Silicon Valley.